How to clean leather boots and bags.

Each piece of leather has its own “life” and “personality”, so you think of it as your “second skin” that needs special care, just as your very own skin does. Different types of leathers require different types of care and maintence to be your life long companions. Some leathers are very delicate and need specific care to keep them radiant for years of wear. All different types of leather will get dirty, wet and dry over time which can cause undue wear unless certain precautions are taken. The type of care you need for your supple leather or rugged rawhide skin will be determined by the purpose and usage of your boots or bags. Here you will learn some helpful tips to care for the unique leather pieces you have chosen to accompany you in your fashionable lifestyle.

Cleaning & Restoring Leather

The first, and most important thing to remember, is that leathers are naturally porous allowing abrasive particles of dirt, dust, and sand to work their way into the surface of the leather will result in deterioration. To safely clean leathers, use a natural leather soap to wipe off any stains. Never use ordinary household cleaners or harsh chemicals to clean your leather boots or bags, as these products will cause greater damage, shortening its lifespan and ruining its appearance. It’s improtant to remove any chemical spills, food stains, or buildup as soon as possible to keep your valuable leather looking its very best.

Removing surface dirt and grime from leather

Cleaning goat skin, cowhide, deerskin, deertan, nubuck, suede, ostrich, and reptile skins such as, snakeskin, crocodile, lizard, and alligator all benefit from nearly the same “cleaning” practices.

  • Wipe off any dust or dirt with a soft dry white cotton cloth or slightly water dampened, not wet cotton cloth.
  • You may use a soft brush made from horse hair to clean finished leather.
  • Always wipe and brush in the direction of the grain for your leather.
  • Pay attention to the areas around eyelets, buckles, grooves, handles, straps, stitching and any inlay patterns to clean thoroughly.
  • You will want to use a small soft brush or cotton swab to get into the smaller tight areas to remove dirt.

Nubuck or Suede:

  • Special brushes can be used to clean and maintain nubuck & suede boots and bags.
  • For suede use a nylon brush or a nylon and brass bristled combo brush.
  • For nubuk use a rubber brush to clean with.
  • When cleaning, always wipe and brush in the direction of the grain for your leather. to ensure that any velvet naps do not flatten.
  • Find the flow of the nap by brushing it in different directions, and then follow the flow of least resistance.
  • If the finish is rough, you are brushing against the nap.
  • For worn down nap, brush vigorously with the middle wire bristles then finish with the nylon bristles.
  • A Suede brush can also be effective in removing marks and scuffs.
  • For removal of stubborn scuffs or stains the use a cleaning block may be best.

Snakeskin, Alligator, Crocodile & Lizard:

  • Gently wipe in the direction of the scales with a dry soft cotton cloth, lifting up the scales will cause damage and shorten its lifespan.
  • You will want to use a small soft brush to clean under the scales to brush dirt out, being careful to not lift them.
  • Wipe off your snakeskin boots and bags after each use, before storing them.


  • Wipe off any dust or dirt with a soft dry white cotton cloth or soft brush.

Removing spills, stains, and discoloration from leather

  • The first and most important thing to remember is that leathers are naturally porous material.
  • Use natural leather soap products to clean any stains.
  • On finished leathers, apply a leather cleaner conditioner to clean the surface and wipe with a dry cloth to absorb any excess dampness.
  • If oil gets accidentally spilled on your boots or bags dab up the spot with a dry cloth, if that does not work apply talc powder to the spot leave on for at least 15 minutes to absorb the oil then brush and wipe off with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Oils will discolor your leathers so immediate attention to clean is important.
  • Allow to air dry at room temperature, see drying instructions below.
  • Follow the care instructions that came with your leather boots or bags.
  • Always use a cleaner conditioner specifically designed for the type of leather your boots and bags are made of.
  • Always test spot any cleaner moisturizer product in a nonvisible spot to ensure no staining or discoloring happens from the cleaning contioning product you choose.

Nubuck or Suede:

  • To remove tough stains, shiny marks, and water spots, simply gently back and forth over the spot or mark with an eraser bar or cleaning block.
  • Then finish cleaning using a brush to remove residue and raise the nap.
  • For spills use a dry white cotton or flannel cloth to absorb any liquids as soon as possible,
  • Quickly wipe down with water dampened cloth to clean any fresh spills.
  • Wipe down the whole boot or bag to not have any discoloration from spot removing.
  • If you have salt stains that do not come clean with a damp cloth use a bar and dampen the end with water to rub out the marks.
  • When cleaning, brush them down, ensure that the velvet nap does not flatten.
  • You will know the flow of the nap by brushing it in different directions.
  • There are a few different nubuck and suede brushes to clean and maintain your boots and bags look for kits sold at your local shoe store.

Snakeskin, Alligator, Crocodile & Lizard:

  • Exotic leather boots and bags will require special gentle attention and care as reptile skin has scales.
  • If rain or water gets spilled on your boots or bags, use a dry cotton cloth to absorb as much of the water as soon as possible and let dry naturally.
  • Quickly wipe down with slightly water dampened cloth (not wet) to clean any fresh spills or dirt.
  • Use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture from cleaning by patting them down to dry them.
  •  Always use a cleaner conditioner specifically designed for Snakeskin & Reptile leather.
  • Always test spot any cleaner moisturizer product in a nonvisible spot to ensure no staining or discoloring happens.
  • Always lightly wipe or brush in the direction of the scales.
  • Brushing against the scales will damage the skin and shorten its life span.
  • Exposure to sun and age contribute to yellowing of snakeskin, this is unavoidable, making each piece unique.


  • Quickly wipe down with slightly water dampened cloth (not wet) to clean any fresh spills or dirt.
  • Then use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture from cleaning.
  • If rain or water gets spilled on your boots or bags, use a dry cotton cloth to absorb as much of the water as soon as possible and let dry naturally.
  •  Always use a cleaner conditioner specifically designed for Ostrich leather.
  • Ostrich is very sensitive to oils especially from your skin and may cause discoloration over time.
  • If oil is spilled, we recommend using talc powder to be applied to the spot for at least 15 minutes to absorb the oil, then brush or wipe off with a soft brush or dry cloth.

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